El Salvador Microlot Experience

In January of 2016 Frank McGinty, Tony Auger, and Tyler Zimmer, along with a crew from Feast T.V. traveled to El Salvador. During this trip they visited the farms of Emilio Lopez and Maria Pacas. Both Lopez and Pacas are sixth generation coffee producers, we are proud to have such a wonderful relationship with them. 

On July 14th we hosted a screening of the Feast TV episode. The thirty minute episode showed the journey from St. Louis, to the mountains of El Salvador, and back to our Roastery in St. Louis. Everything from picking the coffee cherries in the field, cupping the coffee was shown. It was a wonderful addition to the coffee culture and helping people understand the importance of our industry. 

We hope to host events like this in the future to help spread the word about our relationships with the farmers we buy coffee from, and the importance of keeping our relationships with them strong. 

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