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An update on the Gerhart and the Mid Campus Center locations

In April of this year, we announced a few new stores, two in St. Louis, and two in Atlanta. While the Atlanta stores opened on time, the St. Louis stores have been a bit slower to develop. As construction projects are wont to do, these projects have hit a number of delays, pushing us back months on Gerhart and weeks on MCC. That being said, construction is finally in progress at both locations. We are hard at work building out both locations, working closely with Space Architects on the Gerhart location and working with the team at Washington University St. Louis Medical School on the MCC project. We have blueprints laid out, cabinets drawn up, and equipment ordered.

We anticipate having both locations open in January, barring any more unforeseen holdups. Thanks for bearing with us so far, we promise they will be worth the wait.

Photos and descriptions below. 

Looking at what will be the wrap around bar at Gerhart. 

Looking at the floor plans and layout. 

The door facing Laclede. 

The outside of the Gerhart building (with Ikea in the background).

The inside of the Mid Campus Center location. 

Stay tuned for opening dates! 

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