Suspended Coffee Movement

We've been watching the suspended coffee movement closely on Facebook and are inspired at the response prompting people to get more involved with the wellbeing of their local community. 

Giving back to the community plays an integral role in our vales and practices. Each of our cafes has a monthly budget to supply donations ranging from whole bean coffee to be used to raise money for various causes to supplying brewed coffee supporting charitable events. Kaldi's is on track to raise over $1 million dollars for the MS Society Gateway Chapter this year since our MS150 bike team start. We field and fulfill many donation requests each week on varying levels and donation amounts. Frequently throughout the year we supply brewed coffees to various 5k runs, charitable fundraisers and etc. free of charge. 

In the past, we've had guests purchase a gift card and leave with us in a cafe as a way of "paying it forward" and for those who can't afford a meal. This is something we are happy to do. We also would be happy to facilitate anyone wanting to supply a coffee donation on their behalf such as a quantity of brewed coffee or whole bean amount. 

In practice, suspended coffees presents a great logistical challenge. To participate in the suspended coffee movement, we want to do it right. We would want any money donated for the cause to be separate from our daily sales. Our systems in place don't allow for us to properly track and communicate suspended coffees, unfortunately. 

Currently we don't have any immediate plans to implement suspended coffees. We encourage anyone wanting to make a charitable donation for those who can't afford a nutritious meal to donate to the St. Louis Foodbank. They are much better equipped to get your donation to those who need it most locally in our area. Please do continue to let us know your thoughts on this movement and any ideas you may have.