Kilgus Farms Milk

Today (Monday, January 11) is National Milk Day, and we have some very exciting news. Kilgus Milk, the milk we have been working to bring in for the last few months, will be going live in the stores beginning this Thursday, January 14th. We will be using Kilgus for all of our Whole, Skim, and Heavy Whipping Cream needs.

Kilgus is located about half way between Chicago and St. Louis in Fairbury, Illinois. They are a family owned dairy and have been since the late 1950's.  We love the fact that we are now buying directly from another family owned business that is also about great products, great relationships, and great people.

From Kilgus: 

  • All Kilgus Farmstead creamery products begin with milk exclusively from our own Jersey cows. Jersey cows are light brown and smaller than Holsteins. As a breed, they give less milk than their black and white counterparts, but their milk is highly prized by cheesemakers, chefs, and consumers alike because of its elevated levels of protein and calcium.
  • We have healthier cows that live longer! Being in the grass instead of concrete lots is a lot easier on their feet and legs, and they also stay much healthier out in the fresh air. Their life expectancy has increased to over 8 years. This has also allowed us to increase our herd numbers from within our own herd.
  • It’s good for the environment! Since our cows do all their own harvesting of pasture grasses, we aren’t out burning fuel to harvest feed for them to eat in the barn. They also spread their own waste into the pastures as they graze, supplying valuable nutrient-rich fertilizer back into the land and preventing the need for chemical fertilizers.
  • Milk from pastured cows is better for you and has more flavor! It has been shown repeatedly that milk from cows primarily grazed on pasture has more nutrients in it that benefit consumer health including vitamin E, Omega-3 fatty acids, beta carotene, and CLAs (Conjugated Linoleic Acid). In addition, milk from pastured cows reveals the seasonality of the grasses they are grazed on in subtle flavor variations throughout the year. The milk tastes rich and delicious.

For more information about the farm, check out the Kilgus Farms website.


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