New World Mocha Java

A New Twist on an Old Blend

We're excited to announce our newest coffee, the New World Mocha JavaA companion to our 'Tis the Season Blend, New World Mocha Java is a 50/50 blend of a Nicaragua Javanica and a Costa Rica Gesha. We're roasting it today (Wednesday, December 16) and it will be available in cafes only starting this Thursday and Friday.

Our New World Mocha Java is an exercise in following coffee varieties as they mutate to taste the complex flavor assortment that can naturally occur. The blend stands as a testament to the hard work and dedication that happens across the world before it fills your cup.

The Java variety started in Indonesia, and we're following it to Nicaragua, where we have a relationship with the Mierisch family. In NicaraguaJava evolved into a new variety called Javanica. The Mierisch family grows and processes the Javanica variety on their family farm Limoncillo. This pulp-natural processed coffee adds a rich, juicy flavor with caramel, grapefruit, and green tea notes.

The other half of this blend follows the coveted heirloom Ethiopian variety Gesha to Costa Rica where it was first planted in the New World of coffee production. This dry processed Gesha coffee comes from 4th generation farmer Juan Ramon and adds complexity with blueberry skin, floral, strawberry, and mango notes.

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