Kaldi's and Honolulu Coffee Company bring Kona Maragogype to St. Louis and KC

For the holiday season Kaldi's is teaming up with our sister company, Honolulu Coffee Company, to bring St. Louis a unique coffee, Kona Maragogype. This bean has been called the "Elephant Bean coffee" for its uniquely large bean size.

kona vs Ethiopia bean size
Kona Maragogype green coffee bean (left) vs. an Ethiopian bean

This 100% Kona coffee is available in our cafes in a wooden gift box that presents an exciting coffee experience. The box pairs a 12oz bag of our Sumatra Wahana Natural coffee and a Patric Espresso 700 chocolate bar with a 12oz bag of Kona Maragogype and Dark Kona Coffee, 63% cacao chocolate bar. 

kaldi's coffee and honolulu coffee company wooden box patric chocolate kona coffee

This gift box will only be offered for a limited time during the holidays and is available at any Kaldi's or LatteLand cafe, or in our online store, for $64.99.

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