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Fresh Crop Arrivals

This is one of our favorite times of the year. It seems like we get a new coffee every week. This week is even more special. We’ve got two new ones we’re happy to share. One is an old favorite, and one is something new.

The Ethiopia Guji Sidamo is a little bit of a different lot for us here at Kaldi’s. Ethiopia instituted a commodity exchange system about 5 years ago as a way to introduce a price structure for producers for stability and better prices. One thing that was lost in this system is traceability. The coffees are graded and sorted, but usually we don’t know exactly where the coffee was produced. We do know that this coffee comes from the famed Sidamo region in southern Ethiopia. The region is famous for producing wonderfully complex and aromatic coffees, with lots of floral and citrus notes.

While we don’t have a great story to share about the hardworking producers of this coffee, we felt the excellent cup quality was more than enough reason to want share this great coffee with you.

Our second featured coffee is Guatemala Santiago de Atitlan. For the past five years, we have been working with a mill in the Atitlan region and the quality has been top notch. Guatemala has 8 distinct coffee growing regions, and we really like the profile we get from Atitlan. Every year, we’re amazed at the consistency of the coffee. The coffee is grown around the beautiful Lake Atitlan near the city of Santiago. Small growers pick ripe cherries and deliver the cherry to the mill everyday. The coffee is then sundried on tarps and stored in parchment until the coffee is ready for export.

We’ll have a number of new coffees to share in the coming weeks. We hope you enjoy these while you can.


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