Two New Coffees

We're excited to start summer off with two new coffees, one from Africa and one from South America.

Bolivia Francisco Hilari is an organic coffee from a small village called Siete Estrellas, located in the Carnavi region. Francisco and his wife, Maria, have been growing coffee on this small farm for 25 years. They process their coffee with a small wet mill on site, ferment, and sun-dry it on raised beds. This is the first Bolivian coffee we've bought in a few years and couldn't be more pleased to be working directly with dedicated small producers like Francisco and Maria.

The coffee from Africa, Rwanda Karenge, is from a private washing station in the subdistrict of Karenge, in the Eastern Province of Rwanda. The mill where this coffee is processed is owned by Tom Bagaza, who saw the potential for quality coffee in the region, and bought the coffee cherries directly from small farmers in this zone. The Karenge station is traditional: a small 1-disc pulper (as they use in Kenya), traditional fermentation, a long concrete washing channel to clean the coffee, and raised bed drying.

We hope you enjoy these coffee as much as we do. Let us know what you think on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.