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2015 United States Barista And Brewer's Cup Competitions

It's one of our favorite weekends of the year this weekend. The United States Barista and Brewer's Cup Championships are taking place in Long Beach, California. We have not one, not two, but three competitors this year, in 3 different categories. Tony Auger is competing in the US Brewer's Cup, David Fasman is competing in the US Barista Championship, and Tyler Zimmer is competing in the Cup Taster's Championship. The whole weekend schedule is here.

Please cheer them on, watch the livestream here, and follow Sprudge Live here for results and coverage.
Times and links to the specific schedules are below.

We also asked our competitors to write about their routine and why they compete. Their thoughts are below. 

Tony Auger

This is now my second year competing at the national level in the Brewers Cup Championship. For those not familiar with the competition, here's a quick overview: I have 10 minutes to prepare three separate cups of coffee for three separate judges. During that time I also must show my knowledge and professionalism behind my service by talking to the judges.

This year, I decided to focus on how historic coffee migration and the stories behind them can shape how we perceive coffee. I followed the path of both Mocha and Java coffees to Central America and then recreated the blend. It's a very unique concept and I'm very excited to share it!

I love competing because every time I do, I grow so much more as a coffee professional. I'm able to meet people from across the world, share stories and learn from them directly. Getting feedback on a performance or coffee roast is also so essential to your development as a coffee professional. If you want to watch my performance live, you'll have to wait until Sunday when I (hopefully) make it to the final round!

David Fasman

This is my 3rd year competing and 6th competition. I'm competing using the Oscar Medina and will be talking about our 4 year relationship with him and our 7 year relationship with Colombia Monserrate. Competition drives me to make and understand coffee better than ever before. I'll be competing at 2:48pst today.


Tony Auger
US Brewer's Cup
Saturday- 12:45PM CST
Schedule (PDF Link)

David Fasman
US Barista Championship
Friday- 4:45pm CST
Schedule (PDF Link)

Tyler Zimmer
US Cup Taster's Championship
Saturday- 6:00 CST
Schedule (PDF Link)

Let's go Team Kaldi's!


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