Three New Sumatra Coffees - Natural, Washed, and Wet-Hulled Lintong

We’re excited to introduce three new coffees from the region of Lintong in Sumatra. These coffees are the same beans from the same farm, but were processed in three different ways. 

Sumatran coffee farmers traditionally use a processing method called wet hulling, where the parchment is removed from the coffee before it is dried to the appropriate moisture level. This yields a coffee with heavier, earthy, tobacco notes in traditional Mandhelings, to some lighter and greener coffees from Lintong. The Wahana Estate processed one large lot of wet-hulled coffee, and two smaller lots of natural and washed. 

We wanted to further understand how processing affects coffee flavor, so the Estate sent us lots of all three coffees. The natural process resulted in the most unique dry-process coffee we’ve tasted in recent memory, with notes of watermelon, strawberry candy, leather, and cocoa. The washed coffee was surprisingly heavy and big bodied, with herbal notes and hints of cantaloupe, stonefruit, and spice. The wet-hulled had notes of tobacco, leather, vanilla, honeysuckle, and butterscotch. Again, these were the same beans from the same farm, from the same region. The different flavor notes amazed us.

Coffee farms don't normally process coffee using three different processing methods, so we consider this a rare opportunity to understand how processing can impact coffee flavor. We don't have enough of the Natural and Washed to sell via our website, so during the next month or two, we encourage you to visit one of our cafes and see if you can taste the differences in these three coffees.




Sumatra Lintong Notes

Region: Lintong, Wahana

Processing: Washed, dry process, and wet-hulled

Varieties:  Timtim, Borbor

Altitude: 1200-1300 meters

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