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Colombia Gesha La Esperanza

We're excited to announce that Tony Auger's Brewers Cup Coffee is now available to purchase. Tony got 3rd place at the 2014 US Brewers Cup and this coffee got 2nd place at the 2014 US Roasters Choice. The coffee will be roasted on June 18, and will ship June 19. You can buy it here, or at our stores beginning June 19.

Here's the story:

In 2007, Rigoberto Herrera and Luis Eduardo Herrera began researching the Gesha variety that is grown in Panama and decided to bring these plants to Colombia. Rigoberto and Luis oversee the painfully diligent tasks at La Esperanza, from the tracking of distances at which the trees are planted, to the measuring of custom fertilization levels that are applied to each individual plant.

The farm managers then spend time training each individual picker. The farm managers also explain the importance of picking only the ripest cherries, and how doing so will ultimately affect the coffee’s taste. The cherry pickers at Paraiso are all paid by the day, not by the weight of cherries harvested, like most farms do in Colombia.

La Esperanza also operates their own milling station to further ensure quality during this coffee's production. Lots are separated by their location on the farm and by the date the coffee was picked. At the milling station, lots are washed and dried separately. Readings of sugar content and humidity levels are done for each lot too. Then the lots are processed based on the data that’s been collected. La Esperanza truly is a great example of how obsession and drive to create a superior product can shine through even months after the coffee has left the farm.

We decided to construct three separate roast profiles for this coffee to highlight its uniqueness. Each roast emphasizes an attribute we all look for in coffee: body, sweetness and acidity. Those roasts have then been packaged individually in their labeled tins so they can be tasted on their own, brewed to our award-winning blend proportion, or so you can choose to create your own blend. Our recipe of 25% body roast, 37.5% acidity roast and 37.5% sweetness roast is a remarkably intricate beverage but one that is still precisely constructed to be balanced. 

For tasting notes, we were reminded of a freshly baked, blonde brownie in this coffee’s body. The acidity roast really highlights the beautiful lemon-lime soda type effervescent note that’s inherent in this coffee. And the sweetness note of this coffee is remarkable, reminding us of biting into a juicy, perfectly ripened nectarine. 

The complexity of this beverage is found in all the subtle background notes that form a labyrinth across your pallete. We tasted a really unique and surprising note of starfruit in this coffee’s finish. Then as the coffee cooled to about 150 degrees, we got an aftertaste of ripe blueberry skin to finish this cup off nicely.

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