Chris Reimer joins Kaldi’s Coffee as Marketing Director

We are thrilled to announce that Chris Reimer is joining the Kaldi’s Coffee family as our new Marketing Director.

As we’ve grown over the years, from one café to several, from St. Louis to across the state of Missouri, we’ve managed that growth by adding many wonderful team members.

That team is as large as it’s ever been. But we’ve reached a point where everyone here is very busy. No one has adequate time to document our coffee dinners and our sourcing trips to South America. We struggle to find a free moment to tell you about our latest single origin coffee, to show you all the different methods our baristas like to use to brew coffee, and to say thanks to everyone tweeting at us. Simply put, when we’ve got our heads down in our work, it can be difficult to find time to communicate with you.

We’ve set some big 2014 goals for ourselves – a new roasting facility, a new brand, renovating and rebranding our Kansas City Lattéland cafés, and rebranding our St. Louis cafés. And there’s one additional goal – we want to better communicate with you. In this new, always-on social media world we live in, coffee lovers want to know more about how we do what we do. We don’t make employment decisions lightly, but to make this happen, it was time to bring on some help.

Chris comes to us from Falk Harrison, a St. Louis marketing and design firm where he spent three and a half years crafting social media strategies for companies large and small. When we asked Chris what he’d do for us, his answer started with this: “We’re going to be intentionally expressive, not quietly successful.” 

That said it all for us. Bragging, or even humblebragging, is not our thing. So how to tell the world about everything we’re excited to be working on? Bring someone on who knows how to tell a story, and has many years of experience doing it online. And we wanted someone who loves coffee.

“Coffee is a 365-day-a-year thing for me,” Chris told us. “I don’t miss a day. Coffee in the mornings, and the conversations had over coffee, are so meaningful to my life’s routine. I’m honored to be joining the Kaldi’s team.”

Chris’ task will be to bring our story to life: our people, our Relationship Coffees, our love for coffee. Reach out to us anytime on Twitter at @Kaldis_Coffee and let us know how we’re doing, or reach Chris directly at @ChrisReimer. Welcome to the team, Chris!

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