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Spring Coffee Cocktail

By Jacque DesMarais

As someone who enjoys a well made cocktail both after work and at home, I’ve always struggled with coffee cocktails. They tend to all be the same and people don’t push the boundaries a lot. I first got into cocktails being a barista competitor that struggled with signature drinks. I realized that I was getting stuck, so I explored other industries to see what other people were doing with flavors. Little did I know, I would be down the rabbit hole of both coffee and cocktails.

I’ve always been a huge fan of classic cocktails because, if you’ve ever tried to find a well-made one, you’ll soon find it’s quite difficult. One of my favorite coffee cocktails is one that I did for a coffee dinner a while back. We do dinners at Kaldi’s where our chef (Frank) cooks with coffee for every dish in incredibly innovative ways, so my goal is always to do the same on the drink side of things.

This cocktail is a riff on a boulevardier, which is my second favorite classic cocktail. I am also a big fan of balance and I feel this achieves just that.


1.5 oz Still 630 Rye (any rye will do, but this one is awesome and from STL)
1 oz Panama-infused Campari*
0.5 oz cascara simple syrup**
2 dashes Angostura Bitters


1. Add all ingredients to bottom of mixing glass
2. Fill mixing glass with ice
3. Stir well until chilled
4. Strain and serve neat

Garnish: lemon peel

* Panama-Infused Campari Recipe

1. Add 6oz of whole bean coffee and 6oz of Campari to bottom of pitcher
2. Muddle coffee beans into Campari
3. Add remainder of bottle of Campari and let soak for 15 minutes
4. Strain coffee out of Campari and back into bottle

** Cascara Simple Syrup Recipe

1. Add 4cups sugar, 4 cups cascara, 1tbsp salt, and 4 cups of hot water to pot
2. Reduce over medium heat for 20 minutes and strain out cascara
3. Let cool and use!

This is a great cocktail for the spring season and as it starts to warm up outside. If you should find yourself out and about and in need of a coffee cocktail, both Taste and Planter’s House have incredibly innovative, fun, coffee cocktails on their menu right now. 


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