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20 Years of Great Coffee


Today is an exciting day for us as we unveil the new branding at our original Kaldi's on Demun and kick off the 20th Anniversary year with an exciting celebration tonight. We are getting together this evening to give THANKS for where we've been, where we are, and where we're going! We have such a proud history and a wonderfully exciting future ahead. 

From the moment of our inception in October of 1994 when Howard Lerner and Suzanne Langlois opened this little coffee shop on Demun, to 2014 as we rebrand new cafes across the state, we continue to strive towards our mission and vision, to be recognized and respected as one of the leading specialty coffee companies in the nation by providing an exceptional coffee experience to our customers and guests.

Today we are unveiling a new logo that will be our mark for the future. This new logo signifies our shared vision of the contribution we can make to our customers each and every day in this great community. This new logo will feature the familiar Kaldi's dancing goat mascot, updated to reflect the company's future while honoring its historic roots. 

We as a team have three shared objectives: creating a great atmosphere; delivering a great experience to our customers and guests; and providing great quality in everything we do. We will continue to cultivate our culture as one of the best Specialty Coffee Companies in the nation making St. Louis proud.  

As a  way for us to show our appreciation to our many fans near and far, we will be having many events throughout the year to celebrate this new direction of the goat and our 20th year Anniversary. St. Louis is the home of Kaldi’s and it all starts here to reflect our love for the city that has supported us since we first opened in 1994. 


Cheers to the goat!



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