Introducing... the Gibraltar


Starting this week in all of our cafes, we will begin offering the Gibraltar, a new "traditional" drink.
Here are some fun facts:

It's also known as: a cortado (if you’re on the east coast), a Tallat in Catalan, an Ebaki in Basque, a Pingo or Garoto in Portugal, and a noisette in France.

What the name means: it’s the registered name for the type of glassware tumblers that many people (including us [after work]) use as rocks glasses.

What it is: it’s basically a large macchiato. If you’d like to get technical though, it’s two shots of espresso with two ounces of lightly textured, latte-style milk that is steamed slightly cooler (130° F) than a traditional cappuccino (usually ~140° F).

Is this a new drink: It has been around since 2005-ish and originated in San Francisco. It has been slowing creeping into specialty coffee shops around the rest of the country ever since.

What it tastes like: The best word to describe this drink is balance. It is a perfect balance of milk and espresso, but with two shots to help you get through your day.

Where the Wikipedia entry is:
right here!

Where the Wikipedia entry is for the Rock of Gibraltar: right here!

Try one next time you're at one of our cafes!

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