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Honduras Las Capucas origin trip

Caitlin, one of our customer service reps, Brandon, from our Kirkwood cafe, and Bud, one of our roasters, were in Las Capucas, Honduras last week. Here are some stories and pictures from their trip.


We visited Beneficio Santa Rosa de Copan on our way to Las Capucas. Their facility was beautiful and they had a great cupping lab. We took a tour of the dry mill - they poke every bag for QC as they stack them in amazing pyramids in the warehouse. The really large white bags are micro lots that are separated. They are sorting by density and again by color - using electronic sorting (infared camera picks out the ones that aren't the right color). 

We will be cupping 104 samples from 3 different regions for the competition on Saturday.

We did a calibration cupping with the ~20 people visiting to make sure we are all on the same page. The coffees we tasted were all from the same producer, however different varietals. One typica stood out on the table (85 - 86.5 Kaldi scores)- super floral and juicy.

Round 1 had 10 coffees -- scores ranged from below 80 to 87.




It was an intense day of cupping - we did 5 rounds of 10 coffees at the Las Capucas wet mill. We have cupped 70+ coffees this trip so far! All coffees varied from 80-86pts. 
Lunch came with a beautiful view of the mountain scape. The food was outstanding! Fresh fruit, grilled veggies, and the best beans any of us have ever tasted. Passionfruit flan to top it off. 
This pavilion that we were at for lunch is where they will be announcing the winners of the competition on Saturday
Before we called it a day, we got to plant seeds, sprouts, and coffee trees. What a special way to leave a piece of us and Kaldi's in Honduras. 
After dinner followed some pool time and a big fire. Conversation included a lively debate about the coffee industry - where it is, where it's going, etc. 
Overall, what an awesome day!

Day 3

Tuning in from Las Capucas - Here's what's happened today!
We cupped 5 rounds of coffee from both Las Capucas and El Pariso. 49 coffees total varying from 79-87.
We then visited a farm where we picked cherries and manually pulped them to be honey processed. Elevation was below 1400 meters.
We were surrounded by beautiful views, live music at lunch, and a beautiful sunset. Sitting down now for some much needed comida and R&R.


We cupped the top 10 finalists for the cupping competition. There were lots of great coffees throughout the trip so it's no surprise that the top ten scored well (85+). We then went to the zipline! This course consisted of 5 ziplines that took us from a farm to the Las Capucas wet mill - what a great view from above! Brandon was the most courageous - great aerial videos and photos are thanks to him Bud and I were holding on too tight - no free hands for photography! 


Brandon and I started the morning at the farm of Bernard Ornilla. His entrepreneurial spirit has resulted in many projects to better the community and continually improve quality. Bernard is always moving forward and his farm, Finca de Origenes Planon, is no exception. Located at almost 1700 meters in the Celaque mountains, this farm spreads down the mountainside and makes for a beautiful landscape. Finca de Origenes Planon, meaning "origins", the farm is compiled of many different varietals from many different origins across the globe. We saw red catuai, yellow catuai, and red bourbon among other varieties. Because the farm is organic, many other plants grow among the coffee trees including lemons, limes, avocados, bananas, and plantains. 

The festivities began later that day with Te Van a Conocer Compa. There was great music, local vendors, wonderful dances and delicious street food. They announced the winners of the competition and we got to meet the farmers who's coffee we will be featuring at Kaldi's. The winner of the competition had visited Atlanta a few years ago. He was beside himself when we shared with him that we were going to feature his coffee in our cafe in Atlanta. What a great connection! We hope to continue to grow our relationship with the producers of Las Capucas in the future.

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