How to Brew Iced Coffee with the Clever Dripper

Posted on November 26, 2014 by Chris Reimer


The Clever Dripper is one of the easiest pour over methods to learn and use everyday. Combining the best features of French press and pour over brewing, the Clever Coffee Dripper produces a sediment-free cup, allows the barista to control steeping time, and prevents heat loss.

Nick Stewart, GM at our Farrell cafe, loves making iced coffee with the Clever, and agreed to show us how it's done. Watch the video above, and follow along with the instructions below.


Supplies you'll need (click item to purchase from our online store):

28g coffee, medium grind

Coffee grinder

Clever dripper

Melitta #4 coffee filter

Gooseneck pouring kettle

Filtered water at optimal brewing temp of 195 - 205° F

Decanter large enough to brew into





1. Weigh out 28 grams of Kaldi's Coffee (substitute only in a pinch!). Don't be intimidated by the use of a scale - it actually helps you be more precise when making pour overs. No guesswork!

2. Fold the Melitta #4 filter along its bottom and side seams and place the filter in the Clever. 

3. Rinse the filter with hot water. This allows us to eliminate paper taste when brewing our coffee. (If you don't believe us, take a drink of the water that first passes through the filter.)

4. Discard hot water from the Clever.

5. Put at least 16 ounces of filtered water, heated to the optimal brewing temperature of 195 - 205° F, in your pouring kettle. You can get water to this temperature by bringing it to a boil, and then letting it sit for 30 seconds to a minute.

6. Grind your coffee using a medium grind setting. It's best to grind recently roasted whole bean coffee, and to do this right before you brew, as you'll be using the freshest coffee possible.

7. Note that you do not have to place the Clever on top of a decanter before or during brewing. Coffee will not release from the Clever until you place it on top of a decanter, and you do that after brewing.

8. Pour the coffee grounds into the Clever's filter, and tap the Clever, or gently shake back and forth to flatten out the grounds. This helps to remove air pockets and create a flat surface to work with.

9. Place the Clever on the scale, and tare it out (zero out the scale). This will allow you to measure how much water you use during the brewing process.

10. If you're ready to begin, start your timer and begin pouring water over the coffee grounds. Wet all coffee grounds evenly with 50g of water, and then stop pouring.

11. Watch the coffee bloom (degas - look for bubbles) and after about 15 seconds, give it a stir with a spoon. This is a great chance to take a sniff - it will smell wonderful.

12. After 30 seconds, start pouring your brewing water, slowly and continuously, in small circles until you reach 150 grams on your scale (so you're adding another 100g of water at this stage).

13. Set aside the Clever, and use your scale to measure out 100g of ice. (Don't forget to put an empty cup on the scale and tare it out before measuring out your ice).

14. Extraction should be complete after 2:30. If it took longer than 2:30, your grind was likely too fine. If extraction took much less time than this, your grind was too coarse. Adjust your settings and try again. (Don't be afraid to keep trying new and different variables).

15. At 2:30, place the Clever on top of the cup containing the ice. The coffee should release down into the cup.

16. After about 30 seconds, remove the Clever from the top of the cup, and top off the cup with additional ice.

17. Drink and enjoy!

18. Discard or compost your used coffee grounds.


Want to try this at home? Order a Clever Dripper and filters from us and start hand brewing your coffee! 

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