French Press Tutorial

Posted on November 10, 2014 by Chris Reimer


The French press is a tried and true brewing method used the world over. It produces a heavier cup of coffee, is easy to learn and use everyday, and does not require a filter (making it less expensive to use).

Lorena Sierra, barista at Kaldi's Coffee in Kirkwood, MO, shows us how it's done. Watch the video above, and follow along with the instructions below.

Supplies you'll need (click item to purchase from our online store):

40g coffee, medium-coarse grind

Coffee grinder

French press

Two spoons

Gooseneck pouring kettle

672g filtered water at optimal brewing temp of 195 - 205° F





1. Preheat your French press with hot water. Discard this water.

2. Place freshly-ground coffee in press. Try to avoid getting coffee on the walls of the French press.

3. Place French press on your scale and tare out to zero.

4. Start the timer and begin pouring hot water into the press.

5. Completely saturate the grounds with 672g of water. Pour slowly so you can ensure you use the correct amount of water.

6. Place the lid on the press with the plunger up. Do not plunge yet.

7. When your timer reaches two minutes, remove the lid and gently stir the coffee to further saturate all grounds. Replace the lid with the plunger still up.

8. When your timer hits four minutes, remove the lid and stir the coffee again.

9. Using two spoons, skim the oils and remaining floating grounds off the top of the brew. 

10. Place the plunger back on top of the press. Gently, slowly press down, until the plunger is at the bottom of the press.

11. Decant into your favorite mug or carafe. Note that you should decant immediately to stop the extraction process.

12. Enjoy your coffee!

Want to try this at home? Order a French Press from us and start hand brewing your coffee! 


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